February 24, 2017

This is an archived post originally sent out via the cmd+f weekly newsletter

Happy Friday, y’all. I’ve plucked six new tracks you may have overlooked–enjoy!

Hit me up on Twitter at @hellogoodbritt with your thoughts about any of the recommendations below, and please do send me any finds of your own. If you like any of the songs mentioned in this letter, tell your friends about it, but most importantly let the artists know, too! They work really hard on helping evolve the culture.


“There’s a Honey” - Pale Waves | Love at first note. “There’s a Honey” is the quality evolution of guitar-driven pop I wish to hear in the world, and thank god it has arrived. Hands down going to be an insta-fav for fans of The 1975 (+ the track was produced by Matty and George). I can’t wait to hear more from Pale Waves this year.  Listen here

“Charm Assault” -  Ride | Between news of a Kanye West makeup line and Future releasing two albums a week apart, news of Ride’s return were gravely overlooked this week. And this is fucking huge – over 20 years ago, this band had major ass beef and split after crippling record sales (could you imagine having your label telling you they want you to be the ‘new Oasis’ all the time?), and probably other drama, but they’ve been in the studio with Erol Alkan (yaaas keep those kid dancing, Erol), and plopped down the incredibly fresh “Charm Assault.” Good to have you back, fellas.  Listen here

“Temple” -  BF/C | “Temple” is the soundtrack of Black Mirror episode, pitched in darkness like a ghost breathing down your neck. There isn’t much information about BF/C out there, aside from a Facebook page about Californiaman from Sweden??? Either way, very into this. Listen here

“Restless” - darkDARK feat. Haley Bonar | “Restless” reminds me of early Zola Jesus, verging onto more power-pop production. It’s luxe, sultry, and velvety. Listen here

“take me on” - joan | The first time I heard “take me on,” my initial thought was, “what are the odds I’ll hear this on a TV show?” Maybe I’ve been getting way too into Riverdale every week, but this track is soaked in the kind of teen lust you’d expect to hear on a primetime soap.  Listen here

“5 fine frøkner” -  Gabrielle | I’m including this track as a Bat Signal more than anything. For those who obsessively followed the wildly popular third season of Norway’s teen drama TV show Skam late last year, you’ll know fans outside of Scandinavia kept trying to track down the song Isak and Even danced to in the kitchen one episode. And when they did manage to track a recording down, many were sorely disappointed to only find low quality rips on YouTube. Look no further: Gabrielle’s 2014 sapphic Norwegian club banger is officially up on streaming sites! Listen here


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