January 27, 2017

This is an archived post originally sent out via the cmd+f weekly newsletter

Hello! This is the first issue of cmd+f, a splinter project from my collaborative music sharing project What’s Poppin’? I was hosting every other week with my friend Chris. Since that’s gone on hiatus and I’ve missed having a concrete way of sharing music recommendations, I’ve set up cmd+f as a means to quench that urge to introduce friends to new tunes.

Most of my day is spent listening to ad free radio, thumbing through press release emails, and stumbling across some incredible emerging artists. I’m committing to sharing at least five of my favorite tracks that have entered my life weekly with all of you.

If you like what you hear, let me and the artist know! Gas these artists up, dive into whatever discography they may have. Please share me your favorite songs of the moment, too! You can find me on Twitter at @hellogoodbritt.

Strap in! Here are five songs I’m really digging at the moment:


“Shock Horror” - Shy Luv, JONES | BOP ALERT! Doused in early Calvin Harris neu-disco vibes with substantially more appealing vocals, “Shock Horror” is a dizzying accident I found while dicking around on YouTube. The music video is fucking bizarre–part Hot Chip, part Metronomy–but it definitely works. Listen here

“Oslo” -  Anna of the North | Sublime. Sounds like the morning sunlight filtering through the frost on your windows in the middle of winter. Listen here

“Now & Then” -  Sjowgren | I always think I’m going to get over indie pop, but then a song like this sweeps by and I’m mesmerized – it was the harmonies in the chorus that suckered me in. There’s very little information floating around on the net about Sjowgren, and I’m proud to say they’re a three-piece from (Northern) California. This song is paired best with a cup of coffee and feet kicked up on the desk. Listen here

“Waiting” - Betsy | Betsy is my girl. Truly. I continually refer to her as the second coming of Cher. Not only does she sound very similar to the pop icon, she’s also got glitz and glamour to flaunt, all the while still coming across authentic as hell. It’s very easy to spot artists who help craft their own stylized image versus the ones who’ve been signed, locked away and processed in a label laboratory with a management team for a year. With one of the biggest voices in pop at the moment, each Betsy release has me foaming at the mouth for another EP or an album announcement. Listen here

“Back In The Room” -  KLP | Pop connoisseurs are making up for their severe lack of attention to the talent flooding out of Australia at the moment (we’re all stuck on Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood LP, soz) - and it’ officially our duty to get the word out about KLP ASAP. “Back In The Room” was tipped to me via one of my favorite music podcasts Popchops, hosted by pop enthusiasts Dan and Andy from Down Under, and they both always bring forward a few pop perspective. After listening to their interview with KLP (who I learnt is not only pursuing a pop music career, but is also a radio/dance music DJ, and worked with Julian Hamilton of The Presets – and immediately I knew this project was gonna be mega), I immediately rinsed her Ember EP which dropped last October a few times. It’s absolutely incredible - and I’m ashamed so many of us have slept on it for so long. Better late than never! Listen here


To keep up with everything I’ve been listening to this month, please feel free to follow up my monthly Spotify playlist for January 2017 here.

Uncork your finest and raise your glass ‘cause the weekend is basically here.

Cheers to a happy Friday and see you next week!