February 3, 2017

This is an archived post originally sent out via the cmd+f weekly newsletter

Happy February! I got overzealous this week and have plucked 6 tracks and a full album recommendation. I hope you enjoy!

Hit me up on Twitter at @hellogoodbritt with your thoughts about any of the recommendations below, and please do send me any finds of your own. If you like any of the songs mentioned in this letter, tell your friends about it, but most importantly let the artists know, too! They work really hard on helping evolve the culture.


“Ultra Love” - Brödet | You know that point in your dreams when deep in your gut you know it’s about to turn south? That sinister itch you try to stave off so desperately? And you can’t even wake yourself up in the midst of it happening? That’s what “Ultra Friend” sounds like. In contrast, it also sounds a lot like the first time I went into a sensory deprivation tank for an hour –soothing, serene, yet an edge of uneasiness having to confront some serious ass feelings.  Listen here

“Thumbs” -  Sabrina Carpenter | I love me a Disney Channel star leading her way into a music career. I’ve said this several times, but I have an inkling that Sabrina’s going to have a Selena-esque career trajectory. Sabrina’s debut LP EVOLution is stacked with some bangers. “Thumbs” is gaining traction on the US radio at the moment – and rightfully so. The chorus is catchy, and it’s the kind of campy conscious pop we need in these trying political times. The bridge says it all “Don't believe everything that you hear/ Let it go through your left and right ear / Don't just march to the beat of that drum / Don't be one of them people just twiddling them thumbs.” What a nice way to remind us to get off our asses and make our way through the world! Listen here

“Daddy” -  Rotana | This one came to me via press email, and PHEW! “Daddy” is how we thought Gaga’s JOANNE would sound like: a powerhouse intersection of dark pop production overlaid with solid country pop-like vocals. This is the only song under Rotana’s profile at the moment, but according to her release she made her debut performance at Sundance last month. I’m intrigued to see what else she’s going to deliver.  “Daddy” is a solid introduction.  Listen here

“Love is the Beast” - ROMANS, Avelino | I’m praying 2017 is the year for both of these artists. ROMANS is an incredibly talented UK songwriter who’s penned some tracks for Alicia Keys, Disclosure, and Mary J Blige (look at his own Spotify playlist to get a grasp; CHOONS ON CHOONS) - alas he’s signed to Roc Nation. We must not let him pitter off our radars. Meanwhile Avelino is rising the ranks and paving a path for UK hip hop (not Grime!!) with some of the smoothest bars in the game. Would not surprise me if Drake’s snatched him up for whatever new project Drake’s working on now.   Listen here

“Little Black Book” -  PUZZLE | Okay, the chorus is totally channeling some maaaajor Debbie Deb vibessssssss. Whew! I need more acts to pluck that Freestyle essence and punch them into their production – “Little Black Book” has just enough to have you groove and jam with ease. Listen here

“In The Air” -  Ten Fé | For those who crave a bit of UK indie rock, Ten Fé absolutely nail modernizing the Madchester scene. The harmonies during the chorus of “In The Air” are simply divine. They dropped their debut LP Hit the Light today, so give that a rinse if you dig this track.  Listen here

FULL ALBUM REC: About U - MUNA | I’ve been waiting for this album all damn year, and it’s finally here, living up to every ounce of expectation I set for it. I heard all the new songs for the first time Wednesday night when I saw them kick off their first headline tour at the Teragram Ballroom in LA, swiped up an early copy of the album to blast on the way home, and it’s honestly already ranked up on my AOTY list - and it’s only February. DEFINITELY LISTEN HERE


To keep up with everything I’ve been listening to this month, please feel free to follow up my monthly Spotify playlist for February 2017 here.

I’ll also be adding all of the tracks I post in the cmd+f newsletters to a single playlist on Spotify for you to follow here and listen at your leisure.

See you next week!