February 10, 2017

This is an archived post originally sent out via the cmd+f weekly newsletter

Hello hello! I’m back with five tracks this week that may have slipped past your radar. The tracks are all lower energy, perhaps subconsciously my response to all that’s happening around us in The World right now. Hopefully all of them can take you to a state of much needed zen.

Hit me up on Twitter at @hellogoodbritt with your thoughts about any of the recommendations below, and please do send me any finds of your own. If you like any of the songs mentioned in this letter, tell your friends about it, but most importantly let the artists know, too! They work really hard on helping evolve the culture.


“Face Like Thunder” - The Japanese House | The Japanese House are a sonic blend of the two most exciting pop acts in my atmosphere at the moment: The 1975 and MUNA. That aside, The Japanese House really do hold their own presence in their music, blushing with a tinge of  melancholic beauty. The first time you hear “Face Like Thunder,” will catch you breathless with the thrill of not knowing which way the melodies will turn.   Listen here

“Renita” -  Pavan | “Renita”’s composition is one of my favorite types of songs – the Slow Build. It starts off on a heartbeat, pulsing low and steadily. Each measure builds, winding up delicately with new ticks and “Ooohs” before abruptly folding in on itself. Sublime. Listen here

“Vessels” -  Rationale | Rationale has one of my favorite voices of the moment – a thick, syrupy richness on par with Tracy Chapman. Rationale’s debut LP is slated for a release in March, and if the tracks off the Vessels EP are any indication, it’ll rip your heart out. Listen here

“Hopeless Romantic” - Michelle Branch | Did you know Michelle Branch is back? And she’s got her Lana Del Rey on? Well, she’s had a song here or there and other music projects crop up since her last full studio album release of Hotel Paper in 2003, but she’s been so wrapped up in running her music label, raising her daughter, divorcing her husband... that she ultimately put solo work on pause. Michelle’s been in the studio with Patrick Carney of the Black Keys (her new partner), bringing her songwriting forward into the current musical climate. Her new album is out in April, and “Hopeless Romantic” has got me so hype. Listen here

“Technically Single” (Lenno Remix) -  Tayler Buono | BOP ALERT! The unremixed version of this track has racked up an impressive 20 million+ spins on Spotify, and I suspect it’s the result of being strategically placed into so many official Spotify playlists, thus fading into the background of so many lifeless H&M shopping trips. “Technically Single” deserves better! We already know somebody out there is working hard to make Tayler Buono happen, and her songs are great. This Lenno remix fills in a lot of the vast space that makes the original song fall on the wayside of Retail Radio Anonymity. Perhaps Tay can link up with Lenno for some of her future tracks??? I’ve got my eyes and ears on you, Tayler. Listen here


To keep up with everything I’ve been listening to this month, please feel free to follow up my monthly Spotify playlist for February 2017 here.

I’ll also be adding all of the tracks I post in the cmd+f newsletters to a single playlist on Spotify for you to follow here and listen at your leisure.

See you next week!