July 27, 2018

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¡¡¡Ya es viernes!!!

*Clink clink* for the freakin’ weekend, baby. I’m back with five songs to welcome into your next week. We’ve got new songs from music vets, reappearances from cmd+f alums, and supa dupa fresh tunes.


Before we dive into the music, did you know you can contribute to cmd+f? Those of you who have read the previous letter sent out will see I’ve copy+pasted the same details outlining how you can take part in cmd+f’s upward trajectory. Read more below:


After the success of the cmd+vent calendar, in which I asked a dozen friends to write about how music impacted their lives throughout 2017, I’ve decided to steer cmd+f into a more communal atmos beyond the holiday season… by inviting one reader per month to share their music discoveries by emerging artists, or artists likely flying under our radars.

To the dear readers currently subscribed to this letter via email, I’d like to encourage you to reply to this letter (really, just hit “reply” at the top of your box and I promise I’ll get your message), give me a hello, and let me know if you’d be interested in taking over cmd+f one week. You’ll get to write an opening monologue, introduce yourself, and gush about five songs really hitting at your heartstrings.

I’m currently keeping this invitation open to email subscribers only — so if you have a friend with a vibrant musical palette that isn’t currently subscribed, please have them head over to this link right here! Please reply to this email if you’d like more details.

Now, let’s get into the new music. I’ve got five tunes by incredible ladies that have been jumbling around my brain for many weeks now. I’m beyond excited for you to finally be acquainted.


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“Good Love” - Aly & AJ | I’m sure a handful of readers last heard of Aly & AJ when they were awkwardly making their way through middle school and religiously watching episodes of Phil of the Future on the low lest they look “lame” to their classmates who were watching The Real World. Aly & AJ, an understated duo from the Disney Channel stars of yesteryear, who also happen to be siblings, have been making music together for nearly 15 years. Poptimists who’ve closely followed their trajectory collectively agree: all of what they’ve put out has been really damn good. “Good Love” is their latest single, a brooding dark pop follow up to their 2017 EP Ten Years. Drenched in heavy synths reminiscent to Berlin’s 1986 smash hit “Take My Breath Away,” the ghostly track is grated in luscious reverb with tender lyrics. Listen here

“Heartbreak Hotel” - Alice Chater | Alice first blipped across my radar back in April. Then she was known as just “alice” and had a bangin’ (yet somewhat unfinished sounding) debut single (that highlighted her potential to being a really interesting popstar). Overnight (literally, I woke up and my playlist updated) she’s tacked on her last name (which, thank god - it was unbelievably difficult to find her socials), and has since dropped “Heartbreak Hotel.” Virgin/EMI are putting $$$monaaay$$$ into her A&R and visuals, and I think it’ll be well spent. “Heartbreak Hotel” is the pop bop we DESERVE. There’s a delightful chorus packed with enough cowbell to ring-a-ding-ding you into the fifth dimension, and [gasp] a MIDDLE 8! It’s a touch Dua Lipa meets early Gaga (à la “Paparazzi”) meets Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell.” Amen @ the pop gods! Listen here and Watch here

“Flexin’” - Tkay Maidza feat. Duckwrth | Heeeeeat waaaaave! Aussie emcee Tkay Maidza dropped her first SOLO release since her 2016 debut album and it’s pure heat. Featuring rising LA rapper Duckwrth, the track is about being yourself - unapologetically. Get loud, grab some win, kick over a few chairs, and dance on the m----f--- table. Listen here

“Honey, Don’t Kill My Vibe” - YESEO | Korean electro pop goddess YESEO writes, produces, records, and mixes all of her own music. “Honey, Don’t Kill My Vibe,” taken from her debut LP Damn Rules, shifts away from her initial electro-R&B sound and venture into funky synthpop reminiscent of Little Dragon. Listen here

“Jugg Everything” - Nezi Momodu | Nezi Momodu is a Nigerian Muslim rapper living in Texas, and after listening to her, I am bald. Phew! For those of you who crave old school rap and hip hop, dominated by effortless, syncopated flows with the ease of Missy Elliott, or the ruthlessness of Lil’ Kim, Nezi Momodu is your answer. She’s the future, she’s current, and she’s exactly what hip-hop needs right now. Listen here


New Music Friday Selects

  • Japanese R&B pop trio GLOSS have released their first EP, TYO GLO, which includes the ear tingling single “Big Mad” (which was featured on cmd+f a couple months ago) Listen here

  • Blood Orange, aka Devonte Hynes, is back with his new single “Charcoal Baby.” He’s also announced this week a new album is on the way. Listen here

  • Pale Waves have announced their debut album My Mind Makes Noises drops September 14. They’ll be kicking about on a North American tour from October through December, so go swipe up tickets ASAP. Listen to their newest single “Eighteen” Listen here

  • If you’re fond of watching choreography, Ten, a member of the Korean pop group NCT, released a dance practice video for his song “Dream In A Dream” last week. It’s mesmerizing to watch; his movements are like ASMR for the eyes Watch here

  • Number one hustler Tinashe continues to lay groundwork for a whole new era after finally dropping her album JOY RIDE this past spring. Check out her latest drop “Throw A Fit” Listen here

  • Leon Bridges covered Ginuwine’s “Pony” for a Spotify Singles session and it’s [chef’s kiss] Listen here

  • Charli XCX has a new single and… oh, yes hunny! Listen here

  • Legendary UK girl group All Saints have a brand new album, Testament, and it’s rather good! Listen here


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See you next week!